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ATM For Us Inc. is a seller and distributor of ATMs nation wide, operating in all 50 states. We have excellent relations with many top grade American banks as well as armored vehicle services for all the security you desire.

ATM For Us Inc. also processes ATM transactions and is a nationally recognized distributor of the most capable machine companies, such as Tidel, Triton, Hyosung and Tranax. ATM For Us Inc. provides an array of ATM services, but we always have and will always be committed to providing what we provide best: customer service of no less than the highest calibre. With our enhanced business model we shall continue to provide innovative technology and services you trust and value.


We sell ATMs, Lease ATMs, Repair ATMs and Install ATMs in all 50 States.


"ATMFORUS.COM INC. is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence, RI."